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Spooky Light Up Anonymous Mask

byPlayful Picks
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About this item
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  • Material: PVC
  • Wont get affected by UV rays
  • 3 flashing modes
  • Must-have Halloween mask & cosplay mask
  • Works on 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Control the modes with the controller
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Don’t you just love cosplay, rave and costume parties?

Everyone dresses up so innovatively, they put on abnormally appealing makeup (only the ladies :p), the music is deafening-ly enjoyable but wait. Do you always show up in the same old costume?

Don’t you want your friends and other people at the party to look at you with stunned eyes? It’s as easy as getting this light up purge mask. It covers your whole face and expresses the true sentiment of anime and horror movie characters.

Change the mode of the LED lamp whenever you like and become the hit of the party this year. Make this an integral part of your Halloween costume. Fear was never so dear!

What you’ll get:

  • Spruced up cosplay parties: Going to cosplay, Halloween and costume parties with the same old outfits is boring. Rev up the excitement at the party with this LED purge mask. It has 3 flashing modes (steady light, fast flash, slow flash) that you can change according to the beat of the music. Connect the mask with the controller, put the controller in your shirt’s or jacket’s pocket and have fun.

  • Makes you the hit of the party: Wear this spooky LED anonymous mask and make eyeballs roll at the cosplay party this year. This covers your full face and will present you as a realistic anime figure in front of your friends. Call your photographer friend for a stunning smoke photoshoot and post the photos on your social media profile to receive raving comments.

  • Different colors for everyone: The LED mask comes in 4 colors of red, blue, green and purple. Purchase one for each of your friends and go to the Halloween party in a group everyone will stare at admiringly.



When to wear:

  • Cosplay parties.

  • Halloween parties. 

  • Gothic gatherings.

  • Rave nights. 

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Listed on 4 September, 2021