Fire-bird Wall Art canvas Fairy Tale Framed Hand-painted Russian lacquer box art

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Firebird wall canvas painting

• Created following the artistic traditions of old Kholui Art
• Hand-painted with freshly made egg tempera
• Artfully detailed with gold leaf lines
• Signed by artist
• Covered with several layers of clear glossy lacquer
• Ready to hang

Dimensions: Painting: 16 x 8 inches (40 x 20 cm)
Golden frame: 18 x 10 inches (45 x 25 cm)

The inscription in gold below the miniature painting: Firebird, Kholui, Lamonov

Tempera paintings are very long lasting, and examples from the 1st centuries AD still exist. For example, every surviving panel painting by Michelangelo is egg tempera.

To keep it clean and beautiful:
Wipe with a soft microfiber cloth.
Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners.