Fire-Breathing Walking Roaring Dragon Toy

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by ToyJoy
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Fire-Breathing Walking Roaring Dragon Toy

In Stock
by ToyJoy
5 reviews
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  • Made Of Environmental-friendly Plastic
  • Walks, flaps wings, wags tail & moves hands
  • Makes sound, displays colorful lights
  • Sprays water that looks like fire
  • Perfect gift for kids at 3 or above
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Needs water for spraying


Let your children time travel into the world of dinosaurs, where dinosaurs were the only creatures. Motion, sound, lights, and whatnot does it re-enact how dinosaurs used to live and behave millions of years ago on earth. This smoke-breathing toy is the perfect gift for your kids.

What you" ll get:

  • Does everything like a real dinosaur: The toy does everything to look like a real dinosaur; that is, it moves slowly, flaps its wings, wags its tail, and quite astonishingly sprays water that looks like a real fire.
  • Fire spray: This is what makes it unique. You just need to add little water with the help of a dropper bottle, and that's it. While it walks, it'll spray the water with a red light lighting up to show it as if the real flames are erupting.
  • Screeches, stomps, and snorts: Just like we heard of real dinosaurs, this smoke-breathing toy walks as if it's walking angrily, making roaring sounds.
  • Ideal gift for kids: These days, thanks to the hundreds of toy review videos online, kids are no more satisfied with ordinary toys. They want iconic toys that personify some real animal or thing. And this dinosaur toy is one such masterpiece.