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Freedom Trumps Socialism: How the Democrat Party is Using Hitler's Playbook to Make America Socialist.

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Do you fear expressing your political views?
Why Socialism destroyed every country it governed?
Why is Socialism appealing?
How Socialist is the United States of America?
How to prevent Socialism?
Who is responsible for the upcoming demise of America?
Who created the WOKE Zombies?
What is the World Great Reset?
What is Socialism, or Communism, and what the future holds for America?
Why the Critical Race Theory is racist and demeaning to the black race?
Why do they want the police defunded?
Who are the Fascists in America?
Why are the white men regarded as the Jews in Nazi-Germany?
Why is Communist China a Fascist country?
Who were and are the American Socialist Presidents?
Should we pay reparations to the blacks?
What are the BLM demands?
Who is Antifa?

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