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French Nail Brush

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About this item
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  • Material: Wooden & Nylon
  • Create multiple French nail designs
  • Flexible bristles & long handle
  • No deformation & non-corroding
  • Size: 16cm Length
  • Bristles size: 1 x 0.7cm (L x W)
Item description from the seller
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Painting nails in a beautiful design prettifies the whole hand.

But some girls are unable to charm their hands.

Nail brushes with thick and unsuitable bristles could be the cause of it.

Get rid of such old brushes and give your nails a fresh new look with our French Nail Brush Set.

Made of nylon and wooden material, you don't need to be a nail artist to use this Brush and paint your nails in an appealing manner.

What you’ll get:

  • Create different French styles: The Brush's bristles are obliquely shaped, allowing for a variety of French styles, such as C-Smile, U-Shaped, Square Shape, and others to be made.
  • Flawless nail paint: The elasticity of the Brush’s bristles help you create a design that you desire. They keep the nail paint in place and won't let it go beyond the pattern.
  • Convenient handle: The handle has a long length, making it easier to hold. Even when your hands are sweaty, the wooden handle will not slip from your grasp.
  • High quality: Bristles are firmly attached to the handle and never lose shape. Despite frequent use, the handle remains strong and does not break.