Garden Path Maker Mold

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Garden Path Maker Mold
Garden Path Maker Mold
Garden Path Maker Mold
Garden Path Maker Mold
Garden Path Maker Mold
Garden Path Maker Mold
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  • Made of durable black plastic
  • Pathmaker mold
  • Create concrete pathway in your garden, patio, garage
  • Works with any material (cement, clay, etc)
  • Smooth and defined edges give a finished look
  • Constructs angular, circular, or straight pathways
  • Cuts the cost of handyman
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Want to create a killer garden entrance that gets noticed instantly in your neighborhood?

Do that with this Garden Path Maker Mold. Create DIY concrete walkway, cement sidewalk,  cemented pathways, and tracks in straight, circular, or angular patterns without any professional help.

The 35 x 35 x 3.6 cm stepping stone molds consist of irregular-shaped wireframe which holds the cement slurry resulting in an earthy and natural-looking stone element for your yard or garden after drying. You can also use red mud or any other building paste to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Add stone, sand, or plant grass in the gaps afterward.

What you’ll get:

  • Easy operation: You don’t need to be a professional to use this garden paver mold. Simply prepare the slurry, put it into the wireframe, level it up, and leave it to dry. Once partially dried, lift up the garden mold and allow the path to dry fully.

  • Repeated usage: The plastic mold can be used over and over again. Use it to create a small entry to the garden or a full pathway.

  • Wide application: Use the concrete pathway molds for gardens, lawns, balconies, patios and villas. It is possible to make paths of different colors with it. Just blend the preferred coloring pigment into the cement before pouring. No need for costly equipment or calling a professional to do it for you. Practical and convenient. Save money while adding charm and beauty to your yard.

How Do You Use Garden Path Maker Molds?

  1. Rake the area you want your stones in and place your mold down

  2. Prepare concrete in a separate container

  3. Pour wet concrete into the path maker mold

  4. Use a board or any other straight-edge tool to smooth and even out the surface of your concrete

  5. While wet, you can add any decorative items to your concrete; shells, foot or handprints, rocks, colored glass, etc.

  6. Use a trowel to smooth around added items, if necessary

  7. Allow it to set overnight

  8. Remove the mold

  9. Add fill dust, stones, sand, gravel, etc. to the spaces in between and sweep clean.