Hand Reach Extender Claw

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by GreatGadgets
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Hand Reach Extender Claw

In Stock
by GreatGadgets
0 reviews
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: Unfolded 83 cm; folded 43 cm approx.
  • Rubber gripper claws
  • Easy access to higher shelves


“Why don’t you stop throwing stuff under the sofa?” 

“Yesterday it was my cell phone. Now it’s the TV remote.” 

“What do I do to stop you from being naughty all the time?” 

Sentences you blurt out often with a toddler in the house. 

Well, while you cannot stop kids from doing such acts, you can have this hand extender to pick up things that they so skillfully misplaced. Beneath the sofa, behind the TV trolley, or underneath the bed, all these are within your reach with this.

Prevent yourself from backaches resulting from bending in inconvenient postures with the help of this hand extender. 

What you’ll get:

  • Portability: This extender is light in weight and has a foldable design which makes it easy to carry along. Its compact design does not take enough storage space. 

  • Comfortable use: It is extremely handy to use, especially for old adults who cannot bend in uncomfortable postures to pick things from the floor or from the shelves. The ergonomic handle gives it a comfortable grip for long-term use.

  • Multiple uses: Use it to pick trash from the pool or garden, grab things from heightened shelves in the kitchen or garage. The opportunities of using it are endless.

  • Ant-skid rubber holders: The gripper claws are made with anti-skid rubber that keeps the objects safe from slipping and falling down.