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Reaching Stick

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About this item
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  • Material: Aluminum Alloy ABS
  • Hold whatever you desire without moving
  • Grabber jaw rotation: 90
  • Stick loading capacity: 5kg
  • Easily hold jars, jewelry items, garbage
  • Size: 81 x 11.5cm (approx.)
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Item description from the seller
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What do you do when you need to hold something from the height or the downside of your bed?

  1.   Put the table or chair in place and stand on it to hold the thing.
  2.   Get the thing from under the bed by getting on your knees.

But using a chair/table to hold something from a height can make you fall.

And bending down gets your clothes dirty and can cause severe backache.

So get out yourself of these situations by just using this Reaching Stick.

This reaching stick helps you hold things from a distance without moving from your place.

What you’ll get:

  • Moving-free grabbing: If you feel backache while bending and find it hard to remove an item from the downside of the bed, use this reaching stick and hold the item without moving.
  • Space-saving storage: This stick folds up from the middle. So when it’s not in use, simply fold it and place it in significantly less place.  
  • Comfortable holding: This reaching stick is lightweight and has a well-shaped handle. It gives you a strong grip to enable you effortlessly hold your things.
  • Simple-to-use: No expertise is required to use this stick. Whenever you need to hold something, simply press the part given with the handle and carry the item easily.
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Listed on 8 October, 2022