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Handheld Mesh Ramen & Noodle Strainer

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About this item
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  • Material: Stainless Steel + Wood
  • Easy to hold
  • Hanging hole for storage
  • Protects from steam burns
  • Wooden handle for support
  • Noodle colander for multiple foods
  • Ramen strainer
Item description from the seller
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How many times have you suffered from steam burns while straining the food? Countless.

How many times has your spaghetti or fettuccine got strained along with the water? Yeah, right, also, countless!

Won’t you love it if you don’t have to experience the burns anymore? Won’t you be happy to strain out everything you boiled right from the cooking pot?  Yes?? The ramen noodle strainer to the rescue!!

Perfect for scooping out vegetables, noodles, macaroni, pasta, or ingredients from broth without giving you hand burns or making you lose any of the single food items.

What you’ll get:

  • Easy storage: Our mesh pasta strainer has a holed edge to hang anywhere in the kitchen. You won’t need to make space in your dishes or utensils area for it.

  • Comfortable grip: The wooden handle provides good heat insulation, so the strainer for pasta won’t get heat up while you take the noodles out. Moreover, the long wooden handle lets you hold it with ease keeping your hands away from the heating pot.

  • No pasta slipping: Ditch the typical kitchen filter you use as your DIY noodle colander to take all the spaghetti out of your broth. Instead, get this handheld pasta strainer explicitly designed to help you out in cooking noodles quickly.

  • Multipurpose: Make it a strainer for spaghetti, pasta, macaroni, fettuccine, boiled veggies, chicken bones, or literally anything. Yes, you can use this best noodle strainer as an Asian, pho, or udon noodle strainer too.

How to use a pasta strainer?

Pop it right into the cooking pot, take the spaghetti or noodles out, transfer them to the plate, and you are done!

The best part?

There is no need to put the colander in the sink and then carry over the pasta pot to strain it.

Small: 14 x 37 cm approx.

Large: 18 x 41 cm approx.