Hands Free Vertical Egg Cooker Electric Machine

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  • Case made of plastic
  • Available in different colors
  • Vertical non-stick pan
  • Prepare quick 6-8 min breakfast
  • Make egg rolls, sausage burrito, and cake roll
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One of the hard things for a mother is to convince her child to eat something healthy.

They want their breakfast, lunch, and dinner to be buffed up with different snacks they saw on the television, weird-looking fast foods on social media and all that unhealthy stuff.

Why? Because those look tempting and mouth-watering!

To be honest, we as mothers spend more time convincing our kids to eat the food rather than making their food appetizing and exciting.

But not anymore. This vertical egg cooker machine is there for your rescue. It allows you to make tasty-looking egg rolls. You can also add a variety to the same old breakfast by making sausage burritos or rolled omelets.

With this egg maker, your children will wait for their yummy breakfast. No more gloomy meals!

What you'll get:

  • Plug & prepare vertical egg maker: You don't have to run back and forth from the kitchen to your kid's bedroom not to let the egg burn on the pan while making sure that your daughter or son is getting ready for school. This prepares egg rolls in 6-8 minutes automatically.

  • Variety of breakfast foods: You can make sausage burritos, egg omelet, meat egg roll, skewers, cake rolls, etc., with the non-stick automatic electric egg cooker.

  • A perfect gadget for working moms: Add all the ingredients to the vertical grill and leave it to cook. Meanwhile, use your time to get yourself ready for work and kids for school.

  • Portable: Take this innovative kitchen tool with you while traveling to make a quick and delicious meal anywhere.