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Microwave Egg Cooker

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About this item
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  • Made of plastic
  • Poaches 2 eggs in one go
  • Temperature-resistant and anti-fall design
  • Raised central bar to crack the eggs open
  • Drain baskets to drain excess water
  • Use as cake/pudding molds as well
  • Saves time and effort requires no expertise
Item description from the seller
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Everyone wants to eat eggs. But not everyone knows what’s the most healthy way of eating it.

It’s poaching, people.

There’s no oil involved, that’s why. But doesn’t poaching require some expertise? Yes, you’re right. That’s why nature has sent you this Microwave Egg Cooker.

Make 2 poached eggs in 2 minutes without any skills or cooking expertise. Prepare yourself a yummy egg breakfast for you and your kids and live healthily. Just fill the pockets with water, crack open the eggs and put them inside the pockets, cover them with the lid, and put them in the microwave for 2 minutes – that’s all.

What you’ll get:

  • Requires no cooking proficiency: Easily get 2 poached eggs in 4 steps without any cooking skills. Fill the pockets with water (make sure the water is above the hollow section to prevent nutrient loss), add eggs in them, put them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes depending on the yolk hardness you need, filter the excess water, and take out the prepared eggs.
  • Cook eggs quickly and safely: The two-layer drain basket and pocket design soak the eggs in water properly and help them get steamed in the microwave. There’s no chance of explosion or egg sticking to the base of the pan (take out the egg after 2-4 minutes.)
  • Use for multiple purposes: Use the microwave egg cooker for baking puddings and cupcakes as well. Put the batter in the pockets and bake it in the oven. Give mouth-watering and fluffy snacks to your kids and grandkids every weekend.