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Heatless Strawberry Curlers

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About this item
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  • Material: Sponge
  • Easy to use
  • Forms heatless curls
  • Get bouncy wavy hair
  • Cute fruity design
  • Harmless hair care
  • Gift for girlfriend, sister, mom
  • Package includes 12 hair rollers
Item description from the seller
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Are you guilty of using hot flat irons and curling rods to style your hair? Yes? News flash!

Your hair might be in a war right now to save your bounce and natural shine from all the harmful heat that's persistent on damaging your healthy hair.

Still, you can't say goodbye to the attractive hairstyles and wavy curls. Of course, you can try tons of heatless spoolies and foam rollers but, to be honest, it wasn't that comfortable and effective. Right? Awee.

There's only one right way to do this, our no heat strawberry curlers!

Bonus: You won't be needing extra clips or bobby pins to set the curls in place. 😉

What you'll get:

  • No heat curls: You no longer have to compromise on the wavy curls because they require damaging heating and flat irons. Yep, now, you can get those perfect curls without heat.

  • Easy hairstyles: Get bouncy, beachy, spiral, wavy, or tight curls with these hair curlers. Style however you like to rock your special day.

  • Sleep in foam curlers: These strawberry rollers are made of spongy material, so you won't feel itchy or uncomfortable while you sleep.

  • Travel-friendly: Need to attend an out-of-city event? No worries. Put on your dress, roll the curlers in, and off you go for your pleasant journey. But, hey, don't forget to remove the fruity sponge when you :p

How to use foam rollers?

Lightly spritz water onto your hair, put the foam curlers in, roll the strands around it, and twist the cute strawberry to lock it in place.

* Type of finished curls depends on how farther and tighter you wrap the curler.