Instant Hair Volumizing Clip

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by CreateConfidence
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Instant Hair Volumizing Clip

In Stock
by CreateConfidence
5 reviews
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  • Made of heat-resistant material
  • Professional styling
  • Seamless hairpin
  • Strong hair catch
  • Available in different colors
  • Set of 6 hair clips


Style your hair at home like a professional and transform your face from chubby to lean by volumizing your hair. Refrain from costly and painful hairline lowering surgeries just to hide your big forehead. Use these hair volumizing clips to get maximum volume for your hair with minimum effort. It works on all types and any length of hair; curly, straight, layered, blonde, mahogany, etc.

What you’ll get:

  • Natural lift that lasts all day: These simple clips can give your hair a natural lift. It will make them bouncy and wavy that can change your look altogether. It increases hair volume from the roots and prepares you beautifully for an event. You can achieve the results without a blow dryer but to get an enhanced effect, a blow-dry is recommended. 
  • Heat-Resistant body: They can tolerate hot air blows from any blower or dryer without getting damaged.
  • Undamaged hair follicles: These clips will do no damage to your hair. They are made of plastic with no harmful chemicals that can harm your hair follicles. Use them on dry and wet hair to see the state that benefits you the most.
  • Combed design for a 2-in-1 effect: The comb on one end of the volumizing clip allows you to run it through to the ends of your hair strands while removing it so you don’t get unruly, wild hair after the process.