Invisible Ink Spy Pen With UV Back Light For Kids

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Write invisible text
  • UV Blacklight to view the secret message
  • Inspire creativity & imagination
  • Excellent gift choice
  • Package includes 4 pcs ink pens

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You've just bought your child his favorite toy, which he's been nagging you about for quite some time. Unfortunately, it's barely been 24 hours, and he's already lost interest.

You spend your hard-earned money on the toy for your child, and within a few hours, he doesn't even like them. Arghhh!

Now how is that fair to you?

We understand how restless you can be in this position, so we've come up with a device that will fill the void that no other toy can.

Take a peek at this invisible ink spy pen.

Enhance your young one's creativity, imagination, and literacy skills with this marker. The not-so-visible writing of this pen without the use of UV light makes it a unique and intriguing item to have.

What you'll get:

  • Children taking an interest in writing: Kids who used to make excuses not to write will now enjoy secretly communicating with their invisible pen pals. It's a great approach to get children into the habit of writing.

  • Get rid of tech gadgets: Excessive use of electronic devices can impair children's eyesight and lead to tech addiction. Get rid of these ineffective items and introduce your children to this creative and educational tool of entertainment.

  • Invisible writing: The pen writes invisibly, and the text-only appears under the UV light which is installed on the back of the pen. With this spy marker, you can convey your secret message to kids without your better half knowing about it. :p

  • Excellent gift choice: If you're looking for something to put in a kid's gift box, these invisible ink spy pens are a must-have. By surprising kids with these bright markers, you can become their favorite adult.
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Listed on 16 July, 2021