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Moon Light Pens

byPlayful Picks
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About this item
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Invisible writing pen visible under UV light only
  • Pens back emits UV light
  • Works with 3 AG13 button battery (included)
  • Fun gadget for kids
Item description from the seller
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How does it feel to spend your hard-earned money to get your child his favorite toy? Fulfilling and happy, right?

But when he loses interest within 24 hours it feels he is being ungrateful and doesn’t appreciate your effort.

Avoid such instances by giving this moon light pen to your growing kid. This gadget is sure to keep your kid interested for many many days to come. 

Save your money and get this affordable and interesting pen for your kid. This pen’s writing is invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen under the UV light from the pen.

What you’ll get:

  • Interesting toy for kids: Your kids won’t lose their interest in this invisible writing pen and will be flaunting it in front of their friends. It is unlikely that they’ll ever stop playing and writing secret messages with this.
  • Perfect alternative to tech devices: Using tech devices like laptops and tablets for a lot of time is harmful to kids. Get them away from such gadgets and give this cool pen to them. They’ll be writing stuff all over the house which no one will be able to see with naked eyes.
  • Increased interest in writing: If your kid runs away from writing his homework, get this pen and he will develop a fondness for writing which will eventually make him more inclined to do his homework happily. 
  • Excellent gift choice: Surprise the young souls by giving them this invisible writing pen on their birthdays and make their special day more special.