Kitchen Triangle Sink Filter With Net

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  • Made of plastic
  • Triangular design
  • Prevents food debris to go into the drain
  • Drain groove design; let’s water drain through it
  • Mesh captures all the residue
  • Great for vegetable, rice, fruit, spaghetti, broth waste
  • Order includes 1 rack, 50 strainer bags, nano tape

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How many times have you unclogged your sink drain? Plenty.

The food remains always manage to find a way to it, no matter how careful you are while washing the dishes.

And we don’t want to recall all those times when you had to call the plumber because it got worse.


Get ready to trap all those slippery, slimy, naughty food waste without retaining any unpleasant scent.

The secret? This kitchen triangle sink filter. It only catches the solid remains and lets the liquid drain through it. Simply pour the dish waste into the mesh bag and voila! No smell, no hassle, no clogging – as easy as it gets. So say hurrah and get it now.

Install it by pasting the nano tape on the edge of the sink and attaching the rack with it, then spread the mesh strainer bag on it.

What you’ll get:

  •  No more clogged sink drains: It’s time you get rid of clogged sink drains every other day. This hanging net drain basket rests quietly on the edge of your sink until you drop the food waste into it. The residue gets trapped inside the strainer bag while the liquid drains through it. When the bag is full, pull it out and throw it in the dustbin.

  • Effort reducer gadget: One other problem with throwing food waste in the undersink trash can is that you have to bend now and then while washing the dishes. This kitchen filter minimizes this hassle. Save your back from pain and aches.

  • Easy attachment: To install the kitchen triangle sink filter, clean the edge of the sink or the countertop until it’s dry, paste the nano tape and press the plastic rack on it for a few seconds. Then take out one mesh bag and run it over the 7 nodes of the rack to form a strainer basket. It’s perfect for paper scraps, food waste, tea leaves and peels.  Also useful to dry the sponge and dish scrubber.

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Listed on 4 January, 2022