Kitten Claw Nail Cover Caps

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Adhesive nail caps (adhesive tube included)
  • Protect yourself from scratches
  • Long-lasting solution to fast-growing nails
  • Prevent furniture from scratch marks
  • 20 pieces/pack

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You dearly picked up your cat to play a little with her, but she spoiled your mood by scratching your arms or face. Now how is that a tamed animal behavior?

Even with all the love for your pet cat, her vicious nails and the scratches they give you are the most terrible aspect about her.

Having a cat with fully grown nails is a fool's game when you have infants crawling around your house. Even trimming the nails isn't always enough.

So, how do you prevent being tagged by your kitty while simultaneously allowing her to roam freely?

You get these Kitten Nail Claws.

Give your cat a grooming session by cutting their nails and then applying these comfortable cat nail guards for everyone's protection.

What you'll get:

  • Save yourself from getting scratched: With the claw caps, you will be protected from aggressive scratching of your pets. So feel free to play with them without any worry of getting hurt.

  • Non-disturbing design: These kitten nail caps are plastic-made and completely comfortable to wear. No matter how fussy your cat is, she won't feel irritated by them and proceed with her normal movements.

  • Easy application: Trim your furry friend's nails, fill the 1/3rd portion of the nail cap with adhesive glue and slide the cat's toes in the cover. Observe them for 5 minutes so that the cap doesn't get removed. That's it. You are safe from fast-growing nails in no time.

  • Protect your furniture: Cats not only scratch humans but their favorite activity is scratching sofas, curtains and carpets. Protect all these things from losing their grace from getting torn away by felines.

Size guideline:

*XS size: less than 6 pounds weight

*S size: 6-8 pounds weight

*M size: 9-13 pounds weight

*L size: Above 14 pounds weight

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