LED Whistle Key Finder

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  • Sound activated key tracker
  • 7 meters distance limit
  • LED flash for easy spotting
  • Keep your keys organized & together
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You dragged your tired butt from the office and threw yourself on the first couch you saw in the living room. Without taking shoes off your feet, you threw your bag, cell phone and keys no matter where and dived into the ocean of slumber.  

This must have happened to you a lot of times, and once you jolt back to your senses, you are unable to find your keys.

Where did I put them?

With no keys, you are stuck at home while your friends are partying at the club where you were supposed to be too.

All because your keys got feet and now are nowhere to be seen.

If you want to avoid such scenarios, get your hands on this whistle key finder to never lose your keys again.

What you’ll get:

  • Fancy keychain: The sleek design of this keys tracker makes it an ideal key chain as well. It keeps your keys organized and together chicly. In addition, it is portable and can easily fit in your pocket, making it the best keychain for all of your important keys.

  • Multiple uses: With a simple on and off button, you can use it very conveniently to act as a tracker for your keys. Not just for the keys, place it with anything that is valuable, and you will be able to find it if it goes out of your sight.

How to use:

Attach your essentials like keys with it. Make a sound or whistle within 7 meters of this whistle key finder to hear a beeping alarm sound and make it flash light. Follow the sound or the flash to find your keys