Lily flower. Carved Candle. Handmade. Gift. Christmas. Wedding. Birthday. Engagement.Baby Shower. Housewarming. Thanksgiving.

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  • Large carved candle with white flowers may be an especial gift for your special people. Our candle will be an exellent decor for a wedding ceremony,Home decor for fireplace,Bedroom Candle, living Room Candle, Boss Present, aunt's gift. This Handmade candle will  be anniversary gifts for girlfriend keychain. 
    Choose our fantastic candle and your decor will be more unforgettable.

    Candle in blue and white with paraffin wax flowers 8.26 oz (22 cm) width of the widest part of the candle 3.75 oz (10 cm) 
     Flowers, leaves on this candle are made of paraffin wax by hand using a special technology that I developed myself.
     Therefore, the decoration on this candle looks very harmonious. A wonderful decoration for a wedding celebration, a gift for the newlyweds. An amazing gift for his wife for a wedding anniversary.
     If you want to make a gift to your wife, mom, sister or anyone else, I accept private messages, where you write the text of your wishes.