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You spend the most relaxing time of your day in your bedroom. Unless it’s exceedingly satisfying and mood-boosting, your dream of a stress-free life is impossible. And our bedding accessories will make this journey easy for you. 

Whether you’re looking for weighted blankets, comforter sets, bed sheets, checkered throws or divet inserts, different quilt set pieces, bulky pillowcases, or embroidered throws, buy bedding online at Inspire Uplift and add relaxation to your life. 

Blankets & Bed Spreads | Feel Relaxed & Pleasant at Every Life Moment 

From surrounding you in coziness, giving an elegant touch to your room, and protecting your mattress from spilling to keeping you warm in the cold, your bedroom decor and relaxation are incomplete without bedding. 

And to help you add up the right bedding accessory to your home, Inspire Uplift has a wide collection of bedding products online. 

So whether you’re looking for warm blankets for winter or comfortable bedspreads for summer, we have blankets and bed spreads available in different designs and colors – from solid, printed, and light colors to bold colors.

Pillows & Cushions | You Deserve Relaxation 

Whatever pillows and cushions you’re looking for, whether it's throw and gusseted pillows, decorative cushions, feather pillows, or pillows and cushions of any other type, Inspire Uplift will meet your expectations. 

We also have pillows for the back, side, stomach, and combination sleeper available in all sizes, including standard, super standard, queen, and king to body sizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the optimal size for a fitted sheet's deep pocket?

There is no perfect size for a fitted sheet's deep pocket. You need to measure your mattress's height before buying a fitted sheet. However, many mattresses can fit a fitted sheet with pockets up to 16 inches deep.

Why does my down duvet crinkle? 

The crinkle sound in a new duvet cover is normal since it goes away over time as the duvet is used.

What thread count is ideal for a comforter?

A thread count between 200-500 is considered optimal for a comforter.