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Mate Paint Lid

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About this item
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  • Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • Paint stirring and pouring lid
  • Avoid paint spills while pouring
  • Stir paint without any splashes
  • Firm and stable body 
  • Locking system to keep it tightly close
Item description from the seller
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Are you a DIY person who loves to paint things at home instead of spending needless money on outside help? 

If yes, then we have the perfect tool for you.

Paint with complete ease using this mate paint lid. Mix the paint in a container, and pour it without spilling a single drop.

It is easy to use and makes pouring paint the same as pouring tea from the kettle. A breeze!

What you’ll get:

  • Stays with you for a long time: The stirring cover is made with high-quality material that provides resistance to corrosion and is anti-leak. The firm PVC spiral makes it convenient to mix the paint without being damaged itself. 

  • Easy installation: The mate paint lid comes with a locking mechanism. After covering the paint container with the lid, lock it with the locking levers on the lid. The lid has markings to guide you about the direction of closing and opening the locks.

  • Multiple uses: The paint mixing lid is not just used for stirring the paint but it can be used for mess-free pouring as well. Press the holding lever down to create an opening to pour the paint. It’s simple and easy to use.

  • Safe storage option: Leftover paint can easily be spilled, so use this paint cover lid to tightly close the paint and protect it from being spilled accidentally.

Note: The 1L lid is suitable for barrels with an inner diameter of about 7.8-9 cm and an outer diameter of not more than 10.8 cm. The 4L lid is suitable for the inner diameter of the barrel mouth at about 13.3-14.8 cm, and the outer diameter of the barrel mouth does not exceed 16.8 cm.