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Flip Lid Drain Soap Box

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About this item
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Protect your soap from dust
  • Quality drainage system 
  • Hook to hang scrubber
  • Waterproof & moisture-proof
  • An appealing look for your bathroom
  • Simple to install
Item description from the seller
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You've woken up in a refreshing mood and enter the bathroom to take a bath.

But as you hold the soap, you find it softened and a little bit dusty.

How irritating - your whole mood gets ruined. 

Don't want this to happen to you again?

No worries -  this Flip Lid Drain Soap Box will keep your soap safe from dust, softening, and wasting.

Simply place your soap in this rack and close its lid to keep it dry and dust-free. This holder has punch-free installation and is convenient to use. 

What you'll get: 

  • Full soap protection: This box is equipped with a cover and drainage system. It protects the soap from water and dust by draining water quickly and covering the soap. 
  • 2 compartment design: There are two potions and one hook on this soapbox. To open the soap case, simply press the hook-shaped button. Remove the second container of the holder that collects drained water and dispose of it.
  • Freely hang scrapper: This soap holder features a hook. Use it freely to hang the scrubber to easily access it and keep it dry. 
  • Versatile feature: The soap case of this holder is big enough to accommodate various soap sizes and provide a pleasant experience when using it.
  • Punch-free system: This flip lid drain soapbox is strongly attached to the wall with adhesive force. You don't need to drill and nail your wall and lose its beauty.