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V-Shaped Drain Seal Ring

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About this item
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  • Material: Stainless Steel & Silicone 
  • Insects & smell free surrounding 
  • Quality filtration system 
  • No more pipeline blockage
  • Size: 50 x 95mm approx. (H x D)
  • Variety of usage
Item description from the seller
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Do you regularly encounter bad smells and bugs in your bathroom or kitchen?

It’s disgusting and bugs crawling over your kitchen sink, and an unpleasant odor is enough to ruin your cooking mood.

Get rid of unpleasant smells and insects and bring a touch of freshness to your home with our V-Shaped Drain Seal Ring.

It’s perfectly shaped to prevent grim scent and filter the water to prevent clogging of the pipeline.

What you’ll get:

  • No more smell & insects: Silicone made, this drain ring is designed in V-shape. When water goes through it, it automatically opens. When there is no water flaw, it remains closed to prevent pollutant aroma and insects from coming out from a pipeline. 
  • Quality filtration system: This drain ring includes a stainless steel filter. This filter prevents hair or garbage from going into the pipeline and blocks it from clogging the drain.
  • Wide applications: This filtering ring is versatile and can be utilized in any area of your home. Wherever you detect an odor or a bug, feel free to place it on the spout of your pipe and bring a fresh touch to your home.
  • Premium quality: The ring and filter are made of stainless steel and will not rust. Silicone remains unaffected by high water flow and lasts long.
  • Drainpipe Length: This drain tube fits a 105mm pipeline depth and is suitable for floor drain apertures 42–45mm. When used on the specified pipe length, it speeds up the water flow.