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Men’s Camo Workout Shorts

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About this item
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  • Material: Polyester
  • Compression undershorts
  • Side & back pockets
  • Elastic waist drawstrings
  • Snug internal phone pocket
  • Towel holding strap
  • Attractive & effective
Item description from the seller
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How many towels do you see lying “sweatily” on the machines and benches of your gym?

A lot. Although they don’t have to be there. Your sweat deserves to remain in your vicinity, not on the bars, benches, seats and levers of the gym machines.

But then where do you put it?

Around the neck? But wouldn’t it fall on the floor when you bend for side bends or run on a treadmill.

Inside your shorts’ pocket? But it pops out and falls after every exercise.

Well, these camo workout shorts will solve the problem. They have a dedicated towel holding strap that will keep your sweaty towel near you at all times, so you don’t have to stroll towards it after doing every set.

The other good thing? It looks quite grand when you wear it, especially the compression undershorts grant it a proper athletic theme.

What you’ll get:

  • Attractive camo design: Set yourself apart from all the other athletes and bodybuilders wearing single-colored shorts and trousers. These super comfortable camo gym shorts are made of polyester and would surely motivate you to work and sweat hard like the soldiers do on the battlefield.

  • Compression undershorts for a better fit: The compression undershorts give you a more comfortable and fashionable fit, enhancing your comfort in the gym. While running, it cuts down the drag, thus enhancing your speed.

  • Built-in mobile pocket to prevent accidents: Innumerable mobile falling accidents occur at the gym but not with these shorts. There is a tight internal phone pocket that will keep your mobile phone secure while you do pull-ups, bench presses and leg presses. You can easily connect your hands-free and route them from your shorts to your ears as well.

  • No sweating with these shorts: The other big advantage of these camo athletic shorts is that it contains a strap for holding your towel. So you can quickly wipe away the sweat and not make the gym machines sweaty/smelly for your fellows.

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