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Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaner Tool

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About this item
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  • Microfiber brush for soft cleaning
  • Cleans lens way better than cotton cloths
  • Cleaning pads remain untouched; longer life
  • Reaches all corners of the lens
  • Easy to carry & store
  • Different colors
Item description from the seller
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Who cannot rave about the mighty cleaning properties of microfibers?

Probably those who haven’t used them!

We have no grudge against the cotton cleaning cloths but when it comes to cleaning efficacy, microfibers are just flat-out better. Period. So, have you been cleaning your glasses with cotton wipes/tissues your whole life? No worries, it’s never too late to do the right thing.

Work a few swipes and touches to get this microfiber lens cleaner tool. It gets your lens hospital-clean and glistening anywhere, anytime. Plus, it’s cute, unique and portable. Seldom will there be so many things working out for you in a single product. So, guide it towards yourself right now.

What you’ll get:

●        Gets all oil stains and dust particles off: Microfibers are made of synthetic fibers which are much finer than cotton fibers. They can catch way more dust and oil particles than cotton fabrics, thus cleaning the surface in a much better way. Prepare yourself for a sparkling and “unblurred” vision in a trice.

●        Longer life: You have to hold the cleaning cloths/tissues in your hands while cleaning the surface that makes them dirty. Oil stains, dust, paint or solvents get on the cloths from your hand. This reduces their cleaning life. Nothing of this sort will occur with this portable microfiber eyeglass cleaner. Your hands will only touch the plastic legs which will keep the microfiber pads untouched and cleaner for a longer time.

●        Reaches every corner of the lens: The circular shape of the cleaning pads allows them to reach every corner of the glasses lens. It can be used to clean the lens of watches and binoculars as well. 

●        Durable built: Thanks to the unsegmented design of this glasses cleaning tool, it can be stored and carried without fear of breaking. There are no connected parts that can incur friction or wear over time so it will remain with you for a long time.  

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