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Mini dragon. Dragon in a nutshell. Tiny crochet dragon. Crochet teal dragon. Miniature dragon.

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If you need a greeting card and gift wrapping, please send me the NAME of the recipient.
About this item
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  • handmade
  • 100% cotton
  • glass beads
  • gift box
  • fabric varnish
  • nutshell
  • filler
  • greeting card
Item description from the seller
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Handmade tiny crochet dragon, fantasy miniature dragon, dragon in a nutshell, cute dragon. Gift for girl, boy, gift toy, small toy, amigurumi, minikrohi.

I have crochet many dragons already. They always turn out different - surprised, funny, thoughtful or funny. Which one will you get? Let it be a surprise. Because I don't make copies. This new one turned out to be a funny and surprised child.

This dragon will guard the fairy princess in the doll house

 Its size is approximately 30 mm or 2 inches in size. The dragon is placed in a nut shell, which can be covered with a whole nut. Then you will find a real surprise.

Baby dragon-emerald color. If you need a different dragon color, please write in the order which color you need. The head rotates in different directions. The upper and lower legs are also mobile. The eyes of the bead are sewn on and glued. There are wings on the back. Some parts are lacquered for a stable shape.

Not intended for children under 3 years of age. Not recommended for active play.

Please remember that this is handmade by me and not by machine.

If you need a greeting card, please send me the NAME of the recipient.