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Mini USB Desktop Fridge

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  • Say goodbye to trips to the kitchen with this beverage cooler and warmer at your fingertips.
  • No need to leave your spot, as it eliminates the need to visit the kitchen for a refill.
  • This versatile device works as a cooler and a warmer, keeping your drink at the perfect temperature.
  • Powered by a 5V USB port, this beverage cooler does not require any batteries.
  • Save money on batteries and reduce your carbon footprint with this USB-powered device.
  • The built-in LED light helps you locate your drink in low-light settings.
  • With a storage capacity of one can, this cooler is perfect for drink tins, chocolates, coffee cups, and more.
  • This compact and lightweight beverage cooler is perfect for outdoor activities and on-the-go adventures.
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Do you spend a lot of time working on your computer and wish you had a cold drink nearby to keep you going? 

Thanks to the mini USB fridge, you can enjoy chilled drinks without having to leave your desk. 

It's small enough to fit on your desk and won't take up much space, making it a convenient addition to your daily routine.

This USB fridge not only keeps your drinks cold but also has a dual temperature mechanism that can warm up your coffee or tea during the colder months. 

Imagine indulging in the sensory experience of feeling the chill of a perfectly cooled drink or the warmth of a steaming cup of coffee.

With the Mini USB fridge, you can elevate your work environment and enjoy a refreshing break whenever you need it. Don't let thirst or a need for caffeine distract you from your work – stay focused and alert with this handy little gadget.

Top Features: 

Get ready to meet your new best friend - this mini USB fridge! It's the ultimate solution for keeping your drinks chilled or hot beverages steaming on the go!

No matter the season, this portable fridge has got you covered with its dual-temperature technology. With just a tap, switch from cooling to heating mode and back again. 

Small but mighty, this little fridge (approximately 7.48 x 3.54 inches) is designed with easy storage and portability in mind. Take it with you wherever you go - to your office desk, on a car ride, or on a family picnic.

And forget about waiting around for your drinks to cool or heat up. This mini USB fridge is efficient and quick, ensuring your thirst is quenched in minutes. 

Plus, there's no need for external batteries - simply connect it to your computer via USB and you're ready to go!

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Listed on 14 June, 2021