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Multi-Use Water Wiping Shovel

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About this item
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 18 x 14 cm approx.
  • Useful to fill tile gaps, scrape snow, etc.,
  • Reaches difficult corners easily
Item description from the seller
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The raindrops on window panes might seem aesthetically pleasing for the moment, but after a few hours, these will look dirty.

Give the windows a clear as crystal glare by wiping them using this multi-use water wiping shovel.

Use it to wipe the water off your kitchen counters or snow from your car’s windshield. This durable gadget won’t betray you in either situation.

What you’ll get:

  • Efficient cleaning: The squeegee of this gadget is precise in wiping liquids from any surface. It leaves no trace of dirt or water behind it, giving a perfect clean. Moreover, it is convenient in reaching corners easily, enabling you to clean tricky corners previously inaccessible to you.
  • Multi-use gadget: You can use this wiping tool conveniently for cleaning house windows or car windshields. It can ideally be used to fill gaps between tiles and eliminate any excess material.
  • Easy storage: The shovel's handle has a hole to hang it on hooks. You can store it conveniently in the garage, bathroom, or kitchen for quick access.  
  • Comfortable to use: The ergonomic handle of the shovel provides a good grip while using it and makes it a breeze to windows with it.