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Multipurpose 3d Skull Ice Mold

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About this item
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  • Material: Silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Mess-free usage
  • A unique gift for cranomaniacs
  • Make skull-shaped ice cubes, jellies, chocolates, etc.
  • Must-have kitchen tool for themed parties
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Do you know someone who has an undying love for skulls? Or, perhaps, you are the one with such a weird fascination.

Do you know there's an entire word dedicated to your unique type of charm? Yes, really!

Cranomania – an obsession with skulls.

Are you looking to add something to your badass collection? We have got an unusual thing for you that can match your courageous and rebellious side, our 3D skull ice mold.

Now, you don't have to wait for Halloween to let out your passion for skulls. These silicone ice cube trays will let you add 3D skull-shaped frozen cubes to your drink, enhancing their flavor profile.

It can be used to make skull jellies, chocolates, gelatin, and cookies – perfect for showing your Cranomaniac side all the way!

What you'll get:

  • Plan a theme party: Invite your skull-gang over and welcome them with all the delicious sweets. Go all out and serve them drinks with skull ice cubes. Surely, they will be amazed looking at the cool cubes. Moreover, it won't dilute or alter the taste of the drink.

  • Multipurpose: You can use the 3D skull ice cube mold to make charm jellies, cookies, gelatin, chocolates, and much more.

  • Cool ice cube trays: It is one of the best ice cube trays as they give perfectly shaped skulls every time. Fill the table with skull sweets to see a “woah” expression on your guest's face.

  • Easy cleaning: The flexible silicone skull ice molds are soft and non-stick that won't hold the inside material. Simply remove the top cover and clean the ice tray with clean water.

* Keep the 3D skull ice mold in hot water for a while to remove the unpleasant silicone smell.

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Mia Miaflag imageVerified Purchase
I bought this for my husband and he LOVES it. Granted, I’m the one that actually uses it to make the ice cubes. He just uses the ice cubes. But he loves them. And I don’t mind making them!
Ruby Rubyflag imageVerified Purchase
These are excellent!! I work with resin which has a problem sticking to molds and these work perfectly. They are flexible and rubbery so they pop right out. Candle making works well with them too cause the jaw line is relatively flat and the hole in the top holds the wick straight.
Camila Camilaflag imageVerified Purchase
These are great for drinks, look good in the glass, just one square on in a square glass looks really good.
Listed on 7 August, 2021