No Mess False Eyelash Applicator Tool

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  • Material: ABS
  • Lash applicator tool
  • Curved ends give a secure grip
  • Long handle allows precise use
  • Put on or take off fake lashes easily
  • Perfect for beginners and professionals
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You love long lashes. Like, you are literally obsessed with them!

But, still, you can’t understand the reason why you should be spending your hard-earned money to get the lash extensions. It’s not that deep, right? Because, hello, falsies and good mascaras do exist.

But, but, but, oh girl, the struggle it requires just to get falsies literally on the lashes. The instant you succeeded to layer them perfectly on the lash line, the glue dried out.

What if you don’t have to spend an hour applying the fake lashes? What if you can have falsies on in one go? What if your lash line no longer has to be colored with the excess glue ruining your eye makeup?

Get this fake eyelash applicator and forget all your lashes struggles. The long ergonomic handle is easy to hold. The tweezer nip lets you grip the falsies firmly, and a slight pressure helps you glue them right to the root line.

What you’ll get:

  • Less effort needed: Applying falsies can be a real pain. It gets glued on on every single spot except closer to your lash line. Argh, why is it so hard? Well, not anymore if you apply them with these false eyelash tweezers.

  • No mess created: The curved ends and long handle give you an effective and precise application that won’t ruin your eye makeup.

How to use an eyelash applicator?

  1. Curl your lashes and do a mascara coat first

  2. Apply the lash glue on the fake lashes, leave for 45-60 seconds to let them get sticky

  3. Hold a mirror down your chin and carefully place the lashes with the eyelash applicator onto the root line

  4. Use the curved end of the tweezer to secure the inner and outer corners first

  5. Lastly, use the other end to press the lashes from the center gently

* Don’t forget to cut the excess ends off the fake lashes to make them closer to your natural eyelash length.