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Eyelash Separator Brush Tool

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About this item
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  • Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel
  • Mascara eyelash curler
  • Prevents eyelash clumps
  • Separates lashes like a pro
  • A perfect grooming tool for lash lift
  • Gives fuller and longer-looking lashes
  • Suitable to use for professional and beauty buffs
  • A cosmetic gift for your special makeup enthusiast woman
  • A protective cover for the eyelash separator comb is included
Item description from the seller
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Do you wish to have fuller, thicker, and longer lashes after your top mascara coat? Of course, you do. But is it that easy?


Only if you are a beauty guru who has all the patience in the world to apply and reapply the mascara to get them separating eyelashes. Yeah, right, which you aren't.

So, what options do you have, peeps?

Eyelash extensions to the rescue? Nope, don't want to break your bank.

DIY lash growing oils? Nay Nay, who has that much time.

Long falsies all the way? Nah, you ain't a Snuffleupagus. (Hey, come back! Google it afterward. :p)

Still, thinking of more? No need to. Why choose the rest when you can get the best?

Use this best eyelash separator tool to brush through your lashes after the first mascara coat (still wet) to define the lashes for a longer and thicker look.

What you'll get:

  • Natural lashes that look like eyelash extensions: Comb the lash separator brush through the lashes to get the perfect model eyes.

  • No mascara clumps: This eyelash separator wedge will help you get rid of the look-breaking lash clumping. Instead, the comber gives a natural, cleaner, and thicker finish to the lashes. It will remove the excess product on your lashes so it won’t make them clumpy.

  • Gives a pro lash lift: After using our eyelash brush you'll see a noticeable before and after change in your eye look. It adds a subtle lift to the lash hair making them pop and let you rock.

  • Perfect for eyelash extensions: The best beauty makeup and extension tools are a must-have for a cosmetic lady like you. And, when you spend quite a lot on getting those extensions, you must care for them too. Use this eyelash separator tool to brush the power off of your lashes after the primer and before applying the mascara.

  • Comfortable grip; precise control: Give your lashes a definition with our lash curler plus lifter brush. The curved design and strong yet ergonomic handle allow you to have a comfortable and perfect application. While non-metal bristles won’t give your eyes the yanking feeling.


How to use an eyelash separator?

To get the fluffy long lashes after the mascara coat, gently comb the lash separator tool through your lashes, slightly moving it up and out. The pulling motion keeps the lashes separate by capturing excess product.


Repeat the same process to unclamp those dried lashes.