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Non-Stick Microwave Crisper Pan

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About this item
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  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Sizes: 6,8,9,10 inches approximately
  • Non-stick tray
  • Ideal pizza pan
  • Also useful for reheating fries, nuggets etc
Item description from the seller
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You had a wonderful dinner last night and are excited to take the leftovers for your office lunch. As the clock approaches break time, your appetite increases, and your mouth is watered.

But as soon as you reheat the meal in the microwave, it turned soggy and lost all its charm. Ain’t that a mood buster? Of course, it is. You lost all appetite, and the rest of the day is just ruined.

Avoid such unfavorable circumstances by using this microwave crisper pan to reheat your meals like pizza, bacon, and fries without losing their taste. But it ain’t just for reheating; you can make a fresh classic, crispy pizza in it too.

What you’ll get:  

  • Time-saving efficient cooking: Pizzas and frozen products like sausages and nuggets are extremely easy to cook with this microwave crisper tray. Simply put your meal on the pan and let the microwave do its magic on them.

  • Heat resistant: The high-quality carbon steel used to make the body of this pan makes it highly resistant to temperature and thus a perfect pan to heat food in the microwave.

  • Tasty reheated meal: All your leftovers will never go to waste because with this microwave crisper pan, you can reheat your food without making them soggy. Your pizza, fries, and nuggets all can be perfectly reheated in this tray.

  • Easy cleaning: The non-stick material of the pan makes it perfect for heating different meals without having to scrape the bottom once the heating is done. It is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about spending minutes cleaning it.