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Nursing Pillow

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About this item
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  • Free up your hands while holding baby
  • Soft & breathable fabric
  • Perfect for breastfeeding
  • Pillow to improve baby's head shape
  • Keep your baby comfortable
  • Recommended age: 7-12 months
  • Washable & reusable
Item description from the seller
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Carrying your baby for long hours to feed or play with him is challenging. It occupies your hands and prevents you from doing other tasks.

Make multi-tasking easier for yourself with this Nursing Pillow. The adjustable strap and belt of the pillow make it perfect for carrying your kid without holding him in your hands.

Its ultra-soft fabric surrounds your baby with coziness while freeing up your hands and keeping him extra comfortable.

What you’ll get:

  • No baby holding hassle: This pillow ensures to feed your baby with comfort and ease. It keeps your hands free and prevents your shoulders from bowing down, thus maintaining a proper posture.
  • Ultra comfortability: The refined material gives a comfortable and pleasant touch to your baby’s skin and keeps him comfortable in both summer and winter.
  • Perfect for head shaping: A well-designed pillow is equipped in this nursing rest. It helps in shaping the baby’s head in a perfect cute shape.
  • Wide applications: This pillow is also usable for elders. Use it on the couch/sofa/bed as a cushioned seat to relieve your back from the pressure and keep it pain-free.
  • Easy to use: Wearing this cushion is a breeze. Simply adjust it as per your need and fasten the button of the back straps. Now, secure the neck buckle, and the pillow is ready to use now.