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Over The Cabinet Towel Bar

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About this item
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  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Declutters your countertop
  • Creates extra space in the kitchen, bathroom
  • Universal design; fits a wide range of cabinets
  • EVA double-sided stickers prevent sliding off
  • Length of small bar: 9 inch approx. 
  • Length of large bar: 14.1 inch approx.
Item description from the seller
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Clutter makes you feel stressed and anxious. It increases cognitive overload and reduces your working memory and productivity. (It’s not we who are saying this; it’s a research published by Stephaine McMains in

Has it ever happened to you that you couldn’t find the spice packet you took out a second ago? But found it after a minute covered by the towel you threw carelessly over it.

Didn’t it make you itchy? Surely, it crushed your mood and you scorned which hampered your kitchen productivity. You don’t want that, right? So, it’s time to bring this over the cabinet towel bar in your kitchen and organize all your dish towels, hand towels and dish cloths.

It takes no excess space in your holy kitchen, rather it utilizes the space you wouldn’t have thought of capitalizing – the cabinet door. Pretty cool, right?

The bar works with all surfaces and a wide variety of cabinet door thicknesses. Plus, it looks stylish and contemporary.

What you’ll get:

  • Rust-resistant build: Made of Stainless Steel, the bars won’t rust or corrode anytime soon. Moreover, they look stylish on your cabinets, no matter which color they are.

  • No hassle of installation: Installing the cabinet door towel bar requires no drilling or hammering. Simply slide it over your kitchen or bathroom cabinet and press the tape with the surface tightly.

  • No scraping of the cabinets. Owing to the double-sided EVA tape, the bar remains stuck to the surface of the cabinets and prevents any scratching.

  • Creates useful extra space: Arrange your dish towels, hand towels, cleaning cloths, etc., on these bars instead of having them on your countertops and have extra space in your kitchen and bathroom. No need for wall hangers or kitchen towel hooks anymore.

  • No sliding off: The cabinet door towel bars will stick to the surface of your wooden, PVC or acrylic cabinets with the help of the double-sided EVA tape. It won’t slide off when you open or close them repeatedly.

  • Universal design: The bars are compatible with almost all thicknesses of cabinets. You can bend the inner sides a bit to align them exactly with yours.

  •  Makes your space organized: Having these towel bars in your kitchen and bathroom declutters your countertop and makes the space clean which in turn increases your efficiency and speed. Choose from the long or small bars and have an organized space.