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Tea Towel Holder Push And Grip

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About this item
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  • Material: PVC + ABS
  • Anti-collision, safe design
  • Simple-to-use; push in & pull out
  • No drilling required for installation
  • Use as cabinet holders as well
  • Perfect for towels, aprons, dish cloths
  • Attach on tile, wall, PVC, polished wood
  • 3 holders/pack
Item description from the seller
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How many hooks do you have in your house? Plenty we assume – bathroom hooks, kitchen hooks, library hooks, etc.

But how do you install them? Yes, by drilling. And how much do they cost you? Plenty.

Here’s a smart substitute for you – the tea towel push holders. What’s absolutely fascinating about them is their design: simple push in and pull out. No drilling, no hammering, freedom to attach anywhere, multiple uses.

And the cherry on the top, get 4-5 in the price of your single metallic hook. They are also safe for the kids because they don’t have any sharp or protruding edges.

God, why weren’t you buying these already?

No worries, good things take time. So, lay hands on them now and make your house attractive and clean-looking.

What you’ll get:

  • Safe to use: Unlike the traditional hooks with protruding edges, this one has a smooth, built-in structure that doesn’t hurt or scratch the hands of the kids while reaching up to them to hang the towels. Using them is quite easy as well. Press the towel or plastic sheet in it with a light press and take it out when required with a gentle pull.

  • Variable applications: How many uses can hook have? Only one. But this tea towel holder can also be used as a cabinet handle in addition to being a hook. No need to purchase expensive cabinet holders that need to be nailed into the surface. These holders look clean, modern and are a breeze to attach. You can also replace your loose cabinet handles with these.

  • Easy installation: No need to drill or push nails inside the wall for the installation. Simply remove the sticker and attach the adhesive back to the surface.

  • Useful for a variety of surfaces: Attach the push towel holders on your wooden cabinets, wall, tiles or PVC counters. It is great for holding bathroom towels, dishcloths, aprons, and tea towels.