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Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers
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Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers
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Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers
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Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers
Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers
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Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers
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Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers

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About this item

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  • Pack of 8 hangers
  • High-quality, robust plastic to hold up to 30 lbs weight
  • Hangers come with 5 slots each carries up to 2 garments
  • Available in regular white color
  • Space saver gadget to be used forever
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Need extra space in your closet? 

This Pack of 8 Clothing Hangers is definitely the answer to your problem! This innovative & phenomenal, space-saving solution gives you three times the closet space while keeping shirts, pants and blouses neat and wrinkle-free. Each sturdy hanger can hold up to 20 lbs – that’s up to 5 heavy winter coats! Great for the dorm, apartment and seasonal storage. Organizing your closet has never been easier or faster! When you double up each slot you can store up to 80 garments! The only problem you'll have to solve is what to do with all that new-found space you’ve created!

  • Each hanger has 5 slots and holds up to 30 lbs - perfect for heavy winter coats
  • Works with all hanger types - wood, plastic and metal
  • Perfect for downsizing or for dorms and apartments with limited space
  • Add up to 2 garments per slot for even more space-saving
  • Keep shirts, pants and blouses organized and wrinkle-free

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Wini. W.flag imageVerified Purchase
Helping give me room in my closet
Barbara. T.flag imageVerified Purchase
I like it , I found this morning that it looks like it is going to slip off the rail it is attached to in my wardrobe, I think it will have to have a longer hook.
Polly. M.flag imageVerified Purchase
These hangers are so helpful in my over stuffed closets. They solve a space problem by making all my clothes visible and easily accessible. I am delighted with the product.
Anonymous Anonymousflag imageVerified Purchase
There's more room in my wardrobe for more things and it's awesome!
Listed on 23 August, 2018