Plant Climbing Wall Fixture For Organizing Vines

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  • Material: ABS
  • Organize branches in a decorative manner
  • Suitable for both indoor & outdoor climbing plants
  • Self-adhesive, easy installation
  • Space-saving
  • 10 pieces included

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Have you questioned yourself how your neighbours hang the trailing plants magically on their backyard fence that forms beautiful patterns all over the place?

Well, the answer is not a complex Einstein’s theory but merely these self-adhesive plastic plant climbing wall fixtures.

These plant clips are ideal holders to create a stunning trailing plant display both indoors and outdoors.

Money plant, grapevine, pea plant or runner beans – whichever you choose, these plant wall clips are suitable for them.

What you’ll get:

  • Ideal home décor: Planting the plants in a vase is half the job, and decorating them to look pretty, and wow the viewers is the remaining part. These plant climbing clips will do absolute justice to your wall vines and make the overall home décor eye-pleasing.

  • Organized wall climbing plants: What good are the climbing plants if their vines are growing across the floor? No good! These climbers are meant to climb the walls that elevate their own beauty and give a fresher vibe to their surroundings. Use these plant climbing wall fixtures to give stunning wall decorations.

  • Easy installation: No need to hammer nails in walls to hang plant vines when you have these wall clips for plants that are self-adhesive. These hook knobs are designed to be easy to use and firmly stick to various surfaces like tiles, marbles, glass, stainless steel, wood, or cement walls.

  • Space-saving: Plant vines running across the floor take a lot of space but not with these wall climbing hooks. Use them to hang the branches and make space for other things. These are especially suitable for your indoor plants.

  • Multiple uses: Be creative and use these hooks not just for indoor and outdoor plants but for the messy wires on your workstation.

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Listed on 11 January, 2022