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Plastic Plant Watering Spikes

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About this item
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  • Material: PP
  • Allows automatic dripping of water
  • Water flow control valve included
  • Rate: 0-60s/drip
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor plants
  • Compatible with all 1.1inch mouth bottles
Item description from the seller
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If you are afraid of leaving your plants dry when you go out on vacations or holidays, this product will change your fate!

The Plant Watering Spikes provide a constant water supply to your indoor and outdoor plants for 1-2 weeks automatically. Simply insert the plastic water bottle into them and open the valve to initiate the water dripping.

What you’ll get:

  • Provides automatic watering: The spikes will deliver water droplets to the soil automatically when you are not around. You can control the flow of the water using the water flow valve and prevent your plants from underwatering. The drip speed can be set anywhere between 0-60s/drip and it can provide water for 1-15 days.
  • Works with a large number of bottles: They can be fitted with plastic bottles having a mouth diameter of 1.1. inch. It includes Deet Cola, Lipton, Aquafina, Pepsi, Coca-Cola bottles, etc.
  • No-hassle setup: Install the regulating valve on the plant watering spikes and insert any 1.1inch mouth plastic bottle in it. Place the spike into the soil and loosen the valve according to the flow you require.

* Make a hole at the base of the bottle to avoid pressure build-up.

Random colors will be sent (green & blue)

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