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Pop Stress Balls Fidget Toy

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About this item
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  • Stress-relieving pop balls
  • Suitable for ADHD, autism patients
  • Great for office, schools, clinics, home
Item description from the seller
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Pop pop pop, don’t let your excitement flop.

Give it to your kids, or play with it yourself. These pop stress balls fidget toys are a proven way of directing your mind away from anxiety, stress and pressure.

Kids having a hard time understanding a math problem?

Stressing out because you have to meet the deadline at the office?

Your special kid sitting idly by the window?

These pop-it balls are a fine, fine solution to these problems.

What you’ll get:

  • Alleviates stress & anxiety: Press the bubbles inwards to make a pleasant pop sound. Keep pressing them until the ball returns to its original shape and your mind to a good mood :) It also provides your wrist and arm with exercise.
  • Good pastime for kids: This popping ball cultivates kids’ attention because of the popping action and the attractive colors. Their motor skills enhance and so does their mood.