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Pumpkin Soap Dispenser Bottle

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  • Material: Resin
  • Creative pumpkin design
  • Detachable handle to refill
  • Cute bathroom accessory
  • Non-toxic and Eco-friendly
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Constant moisture can make your soap go from an entire bar to mini chunks in no time.

Of course, you can't skip washing hands; otherwise, what would be the purpose of having it in the first place, right?

Honestly, once it takes the shape of a small, weird-looking ball, it feels so gross that you have to toss it in the bin.

So, what other feasible options do you have? Yes, exactly what you're thinking, a liquid hand wash!

It's convenient to use and keeps the sink tidy and mess-free. But, hey, you don't have to opt for typical toxic plastic bottles.

Washing hands can be fun too.

Put your liquid wash in this fab-boo-lous pumpkin soap dispenser bottle.

This cute carved tool will keep your love for Halloween alive and blooming even in the off-season.

What you'll get:

  • Multipurpose: Fill the Halloween soap dispenser with face wash, conditioner, shampoo, body wash, liquid soap, etc.

  •  Alternative to boring bath accessories: Just because it has to be placed in the bathroom, it doesn't have to be dull. So, swap your gloomy-looking soap bar with this eye-pleasing pumpkin shaped soap dispenser now.

  • Avoid germs: The same soap bars are used by all your family members and sometimes guests too. But, ah, just think about it, the places they might have gone to before coming to your home. So it's only fair to use liquid washes to avoid the hassle.

  • Cute decoration: The unique fruity design can add a colorful hint of fall to your bathroom or kitchen décor.
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Daniel Danielflag imageVerified Purchase
This soap dispenser with Christmas themed scented soap really made our family smile every time we washed our hands. It was a great value for the price especially considering that the dispensers are reusable.
Abigail Abigailflag imageVerified Purchase
These will be fun at Christmas, and will last for years. They are bigger than I thought they would be. Simple pleasures is a good liquid hand soap I use regularly.

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Listed on 11 August, 2021