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crochet holder and teether for baby.jpg
crochet teether for newborn.jpg
crocheted holder for new baby.jpg
cute crochet baby box unicorn.jpg
unicorn baby gift set.jpg
unicorn baby shower.jpg
unicorn crochet baby set.jpg

Rainbow unicorn crochet rattle, unicorn gift set or baby box for newborn and unicorn baby shower gift

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You can choose any color for the rattle and beads
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Crocheted baby unicorn rattle for your sweet babies. The set consists of a rattle, a teether with wooden beads and a holder for a pacifier. Bright colors, smooth wooden elements, eco-friendly materials and the texture of the crocheted fabric contribute to the development of the newborn and will allow the young mother to have a little rest. Each product was created by me manually.

If you have your own ideas, I will be happy to implement them.

You can choose: only one rattle, a wooden teether or a holder.
But it is more profitable to buy a set in full.


  •  The production time is 1 day
  • A gift in each order
  • Delivery 2-5 weeks
  • Information about delivery throughout the entire period
  • Package with track number.



This rattles is safe for baby, but please use with adult supervision and do not leave baby unattended with your rattle toy.
Regularly check the items for damage and replace them if needed.



- cotton yarn marked «for baby» (55% cotton, 45% Polyacryl)
- handmade wooden beech rings, clip and juniper beads, perfectly polished by hand by the master and therefore 100% free of wood shavings, safe and natural
- fiberfill
- rattle inside
- handmade work



The primary color is the color of the unicorn, the secondary color is the color of the collar and shades for strapping beads.

If you want to choose a different color, write to me about it.



Height of the bunny rattle – 5,12 inches (13 cm)



To wash, wipe with a damp cloth and leave to air dry.
Do not submerge in water.
Do not tumble dry.

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Listed on 5 September, 2023