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Remote control toys have come a long way - from the mere front, back and side movements to crawling, interactive, flying and transforming rc toys, technology has granted unimaginable improvements to this field. Inspire Uplift brings for your little boys, girls, toddlers and yourself, some of the most fitting, creative, educational and fun-inducing remote control toys. 

All these toys have a transmitter that sends radio signals via remote to the toy. Inside the toy, a receiver catches these signals and moves the motor based on the commands. From flying remote control toys to police cars, trucks, transforming dinosaurs, snakes, drones and trains, we have plenty of products to satisfy the needs of your children. 

Whether your kid is desirous of driving a drone or a flying spinner ball, your little girl wants something related to dominos or dolls, and your toddler finds amusement in nesting cups and throwing balls, we have a product for all. Some of our rc toys are even fit to be used in water. How cool is that!

Our remote control toys for kids will provide many benefits: firstly, they will develop their cognitive skills when they grab, throw, choose, decide and coordinate; secondly, it will keep them immersed while you do your household chores without disturbance; thirdly, it helps them develop interpersonal and social skills when they play with their friends. 

Our rc toys can either be powered by batteries or charged via USB. Scour our wide category and choose the one that deems the best for you and you know, you can always choose to buy more than one:). RC cars, flying balls and helicopters, colorful transforming dinosaurs or color-coded brick-laying trains, purchase every toy with complete satisfaction because we offer returns as well.