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Transforming Dinosaur Toy Car For Kids

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About this item
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Length: 20.5cm approx.
  • Toy car converts into a dinosaur
  • LEDs music playing
  • The car drives randomly
  • Works on 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Great Christmas, birthday gift
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Embark, with your kid, on an intense adventure 70 million years in the making with this transforming toy car toy. Combining the ancient roar and gallop of the dino with the sportiness and sleekness of the sports car, this moving toy will boil the excitement hormone of your kids.

At one time, it’s a stylish sportscar ready to break all records of top speed and on the other, it’s a sharp-toothed, clawed dinosaur aiming to clutch its prey with both hands.

But the best part – it will give you some time off from the constant nagging of your kids. Have a nice, soothing bubble bath while your little ones play excitedly with this toy.

What you’ll get:

  • Amusing toy: Kids love dinosaurs and cars. This convertible toy gives them the thrill of both these worlds. When you turn on the toy and remove the cover on the universal wheel located on the underside, it will start moving with flashing LEDs and music. After 3-5 seconds, it will stop and transform into a dinosaur. Upon encountering an obstruction, the dino car will change the direction automatically. Your kids would love to play with it.

  • Extra fun because of music: This transforming dinosaur LED car plays music along with flashing blue and red lights. So your kids can play with it at night as well. The toy comes in three colors of green, blue and red.

  • Powerful birthday gift: Kids love the Jurrasic world, and anything related to it will excite them to their very core. Make them extra excited on this birthday and Christmas with this gift. 

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Sadie Sadieflag imageVerified Purchase

This was a big hit with my 3 year old nephew!! He loves things with wheels. It did more than I expected it too. Even the adults were mesmerized by it. Money well spent.

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Listed on 14 September, 2021