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Real-Time Car Tracker
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Real-Time Car Tracker
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Real-Time Car Tracker
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Real-Time Car Tracker
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Real-Time Car Tracker
Real-Time Car Tracker
Real-Time Car Tracker
Real-Time Car Tracker

Real-Time Car Tracker

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  • Looking for a GPS tracker that's affordable and easy to use Look no further! This real-time tracker is just what you need.
  • With its universal fit, it suits almost every vehicle, from cars to trucks to motorcycles.
  • It tracks your vehicle's location in mere seconds, giving you peace of mind.
  • It comes equipped with LED indicators and supports web, SMS, and Google Maps, so you can keep an eye on your vehicle's location at all times.
  • To ensure your privacy and security, registration and a password are required to access the tracker's information.
  • Don't let the rain keep you from tracking your vehicle. This tracker is waterproof and easy to install, making it the perfect solution for all your tracking needs.
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Nobody ever wants to imagine the gut-wrenching feeling of having their car stolen. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone at any time. 

But don't worry, there's a solution! This real-time car tracker is an affordable and effective way to ensure that your vehicle is never lost forever.

This innovative device is a GPS tracker that can be easily installed in your car, bus, or cab, allowing you to create your own personalized vehicle tracking system. It’ll help you know where your vehicle is located, which can make all the difference in the event of theft.

This tracking device offers a range of features that make it a top choice for vehicle owners. You can specify times for tracking, receive parking alerts, and even track your business vehicles in seconds. 

Plus, the device is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it getting damaged in wet conditions.

This tracker is incredibly user-friendly and supports web, SMS, and Google map links. You can easily register for the Android/IOS app or web/WAP platform to get started. And don't worry about privacy concerns - a password is needed to make any changes to the device's settings.

The GPS tracker is accurate and reliable, even in areas with weak signals. It also has LED indicators that show its working status at all times. Plus, it can be powered with a car cigarette lighter or car storage battery, making it suitable for all types of vehicles.

Easy installation: 

  1. Install SIM card 
  2. Tracker must be facing- transmitter side up.
  3. After installing the tracker, check your phone to make sure it's connected.
  4. To test the tracker make a call, then after 5 seconds you'll receive a text message providing the URL of the car's location.

Please note:

This device does not come with a SIM card, simply purchase a SIM card, open a location service and it's ready to work.  Works via SMS (text message) or computer.

If the query is in a GPS blind area, like underground parking or dense forest, the tracker will report the target's last position information.