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Silicone Flower Bottle

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About this item
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  • Made of silica gel
  • Attach and use
  • Easy to remove as well
  • Pour water and put flowers in it
  • Great home décor item
  • Size: 15 x 15 cm approx.
Item description from the seller
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What’s not to like about flowers?

They improve the air around you.

They improve your mood.

They beautify your space.

Yes, but the problem lies with their pots, vases and containers. Either they are too bulky to move, or they are too fragile to shatter into pieces. What if you can have flowers at any spot of your house you dream of?

Your dream is about to come true with these silicone flower bottles. Attach them with your wall, refrigerator, dishwasher or window, fill it with fresh tap water and put your aquatic or air plants in it. How awesomely, wow-ingly cool is that!

Make the wall of your bedroom, the sliding glass door of your lounge or the tiles of your bathroom your flower beds. Treat yourself to vibrant and fresh flowers all around the house.

What you’ll get:

  • Floating flower pots everywhere: No need to have a dedicated spot for flower pots and vases now. These silicone flower bottles enable you to have flowers anywhere you want – on the walls, on metallic surfaces like refrigerators and on tiles.
  • Easy to attach and remove: Installing these are as easy as pasting them on the surface. Clean and dry the spot properly before attaching it. You can remove it easily – simply peel it by holding it from one edge. Wash it to remove any dust particles and it’s all set to be used for the next time.
  • Suitable for a majority of flowers: These silicone bottles are perfect for all types of aquatic and air plants like Calla Lily, Duckweed and sky plant.
  • No risk of breaking: Unlike glass and ceramic vases, these silicone bottles won’t break or shatter. It’s a tremendous space-saving flower planting option for tight spaces like apartments and flats.