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Silicone Strawberry Tea Infuser

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About this item
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  • Material: Silicone
  • Flexible plastic stalk
  • Open up the flesh part to insert tea leaves
  • A unique way of steeping your herbal teas
  • Harmless material
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How many calories does strawberry milkshake have? 250-300, depending on the capacity.

And what about a 20g strawberry pudding? 80. But why are we telling you about this? So that you can integrate them into your daily diet.

But what if you cannot consume these sweet, red, glistening packages of carbs and fiber some day? No worries, you can steep its rich, fruitful flavors into your daily teas. How? By using this whimsical, tiny strawberry-shaped tea infuser.

Simply put your tea leaves inside the silicone flesh of the infuser and make your iced teas or steaming herbal teas feel the richness of strawberries. But don’t forget to pick the strawberry up from it’s green stalk after some time; too sweet is too bad :p

What you’ll get:

  • Safe tea drinking: The infuser is made of food-safe silicone material which is harmless to you. Use it without worrying one bit about your health.

  • Fun infusing tool: The strawberry tea infuser is a unique way of steeping your teas or herbal drinks (white, oolong, black, green, pu-erh.) Use it in your favorite teacups or teapots. It brings you near nature without much effort. 

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Listed on 7 July, 2021