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Standing Weed Puller

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About this item
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  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Bendfree weed puller
  • Uses feet to extract weed
  • Keep your hands clean
  • 5 clawed design
  • Extracts weed from its roots
Item description from the seller
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Growing a home garden is an easy task, but maintaining and protecting it from invasive plants is the real challenge. This is where your gardening skills come to test.

Getting rid of the weed and unwanted shrubs is essential to ensure that your garden's beauty is not compromised.

The easiest way of doing it is by using this standing weed puller. It is convenient to use and requires no bending. You'll be able to extract weed from the soil in seconds.

What you'll get:

  • No backache: This weed puller doesn't require you to bend down in an uncomfortable posture to remove the weed. Instead, it enables you to remove weed in a comfortable standing position, preventing backache. Connect the puller with a rod, and you are good to go.
  • Mess-free use: You can conveniently use this standing weed puller with your feet. There is no need to get your hands and nails dirty to do this task.
  • Good grip: The 5 claw deisgn of this weed remover gives it a strong grip that grasps weed from its roots to extract it. The weed is unlikely to appear again if removed from the roots.
  • Wide suitability: This weed remover is suitable for use on all sorts of soils, whether hard or soft. The clawed design enables you to easily penetrate through the ground and reach for the invasive plants conveniently.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Made with good quality steel, this weed puller can easily withstand your weight and be of service to you for many years.

*Only puller hook is included in the package, not rod.