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Strong Silicone Magnetic Cable Ties

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About this item
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  • Made of silicone
  • The ultimate cable organizer
  • Ideal for a clutter-free office and home
  • Powerful magnet grip
  • It can be used to hold keys, pen, etc.
  • Package includes cable straps of a random color
Item description from the seller
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Have you ever experienced that irritating, frustrating, and 'argh' feeling when you had to go through your bag to look for your long-lost hands-free, and when you finally found it, it was all tangled up like your hair when you get up?

Of course, you must have.

Because honestly, it's quite hard to find someone that hasn't gone through this. We all have made that classy 'not again' face while looking at the wire mess in our hands.

Suddenly you look up to put your things on the table, and woohoo, you are met with a similar cluttered scene. Your computer wires and led cables are mingling with each other right in front of your eyes.

We can save your life from featuring in a literal 'tangled' movie with our convenient, best, and strong silicone magnetic ties.

It can hold even small wires and is the perfect cable organizer to use in the office or home.

What you'll get:

  • High-quality magnet: The powerful magnetic cord keeper provides a firm grip on different wires, thus holding them in place and giving you a mess-free space.

  • Cute wire organizer: Get multiple cable clips, each for your home and office. It can transform your messy office table into an organized space.

  •  Multi-purpose: Use it for sticking your keys on a metallic table or use it to hold the folded tv cable. You can also utilize the magnetic cable straps for short wires of iPad or earplugs too.