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Stuffed Kiwi Bird Plush Toy

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About this item
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  • Material: PP Cotton
  • Size: 20cm & 30 cm variants
  • Cute furry plush toy
  • Cuddle partner for your child
  • Excellent gift choice
Item description from the seller
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Kiwi – the national bird of New Zealand, symbolizes unity, collaborative effort, and community. With their furry body, they are soft and adored by everyone. But that doesn’t make them a pet animal.

It is illegal to pet them since they are endangered animals and can be wild. ☹

What a waste of all that cuteness. Sigh.

But there is one way you can have kiwi in your home sweet home.

How? By getting your hands on this Kiwi bird plush toy.

With no wings or tail but with a long beak, this super soft plush fur and the small, bright-eyed toy will be your child’s buddy 24/7.

What you’ll get:

  • Get rid of teddies: Teddies are no more the talk of the town. Instead, kids are fascinated by new and unique plush toys, and this kiwi bird plush is the best toy to bring an everlasting smile to their faces.

  • Cuddle partner: The furry soft body of this cute kiwi bird makes it an ideal cuddle partner for your young one. They won’t feel lonely during the night by hugging this plushie.

  • Perfect gift for your loved one: Want to bring smiles to your loved ones' face? Surprise them with this stuffed kiwi on Christmas, Thanksgiving or birthdays. It is sure to make children fall in love with it instantly.

  • Ideal decor feature: Not just as a toy, but these kiwis can also be used as eye-catching décor pieces. Place them on your side table or workstation to get an eye-pleasing view. A single glance at these cuties is enough to make you forget your worries.