Sugar Skull Spoon

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  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Designed to reduce sugar intake
  • Imitates the danger symbol
  • Length: 15 cm approx.
  • Give as a gift to patients, tea lovers
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You might have seen plenty of skull signboards in movies. They represent danger and are present near laboratories, nuclear plants, and road construction sites. Pretty darn hazardous sites, right?

But isn’t the sugar intake as dangerous as them as well? We get it, it won’t instantly kill or choke you but it will slowly guide you towards the tunnel of heart attack, obesity and high blood pressure. Don’t fall into this sugar-coated path.

Bring this sugar skull spoon in your life and save yourself from excess consumption of this processed, sweet poison. It reminds you whenever you fill it with sugar that this much is too much! And quite sweetly, drops some amount back into the container through its eyes and nose.

A cool way of keeping you away from sugar, isn’t it?

What you’ll get:

  • Decorative design: This skull-inspired spoon will be a decorative and unique addition to your cutlery collection. Purchase each for your family member and garner the habit of consuming less sugar in them. You can use it as a normal spoon for your solid food and desserts, though.

  •  Reduces your sugar intake: Whenever you fill the skull spoon with sugar, some of it falls through the eyes and nose of the skull, thus reducing the amount and ensuring a healthy intake of food/beverage.

  • Great gift for patients & tea lovers: The spoon can be given to your friends and family members who have gone through a recent blood pressure or heart attack event. You can also give it to your tea-loving or gothic friends.